PSA: He's High in the Polls, and John Scott Deserves Your All-Star Vote!

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With fans getting to vote in a few select players into the All-Star game in Nashville, it's an opportunity to give players who have been snubbed in previous years a chance to go to the ultimate NHL showcase.

It's time to give John Scott the opportunity he deserves, and he's currently 3rd in all star voting as of December 2nd! With 3 highlight reel worthy goals last season, it's no wonder that hockey fans were fed up of his lack of existence in previous all-star games. This year their frustration has finally made them take action, and the Scott faithful are making their presence known. 

He needs your vote to stay a top of the polls, so let's give this guy the opportunity to showcase his all-star skills! Goalies beware, the fans want one of the best underrated snipers to showcase is awesomeness. 

In other news, the NHL all star voting is both hilarious and a joke at the same time.