As Members of Leafs Nation, We Present an Open Letter to Steven Stamkos

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Dear Steven, 

        Every star in the NHL will always have the thought of unrestricted free agency in the back of their mind. The freedom it provides gives players like yourself the option to play wherever their hearts desire. As I consider myself a member of the Great Leafs Nation, on behalf of the millions of us, I wish to dedicate the following to the efforts of convincing your heart to join us in the centre of the hockey universe. 

        "Tampering" is illegal in the NHL and no team can lure other players while they are under contract to another team at this time. Knowing that, it's a good thing these rules don't apply to us fans in Leafs Nation. So lets tamper.

        Steven, you grew up in the Toronto suburb of Markham and you spend your summers here. Damien Cox of Sportsnet even said that you would be king of it all in Toronto. You're the type of player that can handle the market, the fame, and media attention. More importantly, you would understand the honour of pulling the blue and white maple leaf jersey over your head. As many Leafs players have said, when this team is rolling, there is no better place in the world to play.  Currently the situation here is not "rolling", but with the management we have put together it's definitely getting us there. Last season, with each jersey thrown on the ice, we sent a message to them. We were sick of this organizations mediocrity, poor asset management, effortless play, and for lack of a better word, crap. President Shanahan felt our pain, and after putting in a tireless effort to change this regime he shocked the hockey world twice this summer with two major hirings.

        We reeled in Babcock in May, and then to much surprise Lamoriello right after. We can all agree that if there's a management that is the most respected and qualified in this game, it's the trident of Shanny, Babs, and Lou. After all of our hirings this summer and in the past year, we now have one of the best managements, drafting departments (shoutout to Mark Hunter), and coaching staff that the game has to offer. Non-Leafs fans are probably rolling their eyes at this, but no other team can boast this must credibility, this much allure, and more importantly this much respect with their regime. Add to the fact that with you here it would only boost the attraction of this team. The fear in every other organization would be unparalleled as they would understand that this is just the beginning of the player movement to Toronto. This team now has an attractiveness that is only going to grow, and with your signing it would be boosted exponentially. With this management leading the way, who knows who we'll bring in next. 

       We have begun to acquire players that play with the compete level that matches the heavy history and significance of this franchise. Our drafting and development systems will just continue to bring in top talent for you to play with. We will surround you with teammates of the same mentality as you; basically players that want to be here and who truly want to win in the blue and white:

        Steven, on behalf of Leafs Nation, we hope you truly consider coming home for the reasons listed above. Yeah someone can look at this letter and view us as crazy or just typical Leafs fans wishing for the impossible. The reality is, what we are wishing for is completely achievable at this point. 

        We are Toronto, we are the Leafs, and we are Leafs Nation. This sport is our religion, and this team is our life. Here in the centre of the hockey universe we boast the most loyal, enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, and battle hardened fan base that hockey has to offer. We are a hockey town where we fill Maple Leafs Square with die hard fans in freezing winter temperatures, and a town where each generation born gets passed on the fandom of the Maple Leaf. We've been through hell and back with our old regimes, and with this new one the future is ours and everyone knows it. It's ours to grab, and it's our to dominate...

Come be a part of it.

Thanks for reading

Skyler Senkowski, Play Under Review