Who Has the Best New Design? 16 Goalies Unveil New Masks for 2015-16

Steve Mason's new mask from last season. Image obtained from

From the time the Blackhawks won the 2015 Stanley Cup to the opening of training camp today, many goaltenders have released their new mask designs for the upcoming 2015-2016 season. Some add team flare, some add personal touches, and a lot have both. From the timeline stated above, 16 NHL goaltenders have revealed their new looks for this season. Some goaltenders such as Marc-Andre Fleury or Jonathan Quick have tweaked their designs a bit, but their mask designs are relatively the same, so they're not on this list. 

From a fans perspective, who has the best new mask design? 

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Scott Darling, Chicago Blackhawks

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Darling rocks a mask with the Blackhawks logo and stripe patterns. A simple design itself; however it features one of the coolest graphics with the arrows stuck at the top of his mask. 

Jimmy Howard, Detroit Red Wings

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Howard still reps the Red Wings on the side of his mask (like his old one), but adds the lion at the top this time.

Robin Lehner, Buffalo Sabres

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Lehner went with a brushed look with the Sabres' colours of white, blue, and yellow.  The logo on the top of the mask "is that of Swedish metal band In Flames, and is a jester’s head and has been featured on all of the band’s albums since the 1996 release The Jester Race" as per Jared Clinton of The Hockey Writers.

Martin Jones, San Jose Sharks

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With a trade to a brand new team, Jones decided to join the clubs marketing efforts on the Sharks 25th anniversary front, and the designed mask portrays that exactly

Jonathan Bernier, Toronto Maple Leafs

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Bernier still decided to keep the lion at the top of his mask, and he went with a more faded, brushed look this time. The classic and snowy looking maple leafs just look awesome. 

Braden Holtby, Washington Capitals

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My personal favourite of the new masks this season, Holtby is rocking a classic Capitals look with the red and blue stars while going with a simple, but stunning design. 

Darcy Kuemper, Minnesota Wild

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Kuemper wears the mask with his teams exact colours, and the design features a cool tear showing the night sky on both sides of the helmet. 

Eddie Lack, Carolina Hurricanes

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New team, new mask. Eddie Lack adds the Swedish chef from The Muppets to the colours of the Hurricanes in his new design. He's definitely putting his love for food on display; heck the guy even has a tattoo of a taco. Lastly, on the back of the helmet, he has a picture of his all time buddy Roberto Luongo. 

Michael Hutchinson, Winnipeg Jets

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Hutchinson went with a simple and awesome look on his new mask with the two Jets at the front and top of the mask, and the blue and silver accents. They'll match perfectly with Winnipeg's home and away jerseys. 

Andrew Hammond, Ottawa Senators

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The Hamburglar introduced the Hamburglar mask, as per his nickname on the Senators. This is as close as it gets to current advertising on NHL teams, as Hammond sneakily puts the McDonalds logo on the bottom portion of his mask (even though he's not getting paid to do it, as far as I know). 

Michael Neuvirth, Philadelphia Flyers

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In the City of Brotherly Love, Neuvirth showcases the Rocky themed mask with the Flyers orange. Cool connection to the city's film history and good look with the teams aesthetics as well. 

Cam Talbot, Edmonton Oilers

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Wearing the glow in the dark Ghost Busters mask, Talbot rocks a unique design that is sure to catch the attention of opposing forwards who are looking at him.

Brian Elliot, St. Louis Blues

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Can I really say what the moose theme is in connection with the Blues? Not really, and maybe if I researched deeply I could find an answer. I think we can all agree to just not care because this mask looks awesome with the graphics, colours, and design. 

Pekka Rinne, Nashville Predators

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Rinne went with a crazy awesome look with a Mad Max themed mask, and this design definitely pulls it off. 

Seymon Varlamov, Colorado Avalanche

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For Colorado's 20th birthday, we get a abominable snow man holding a Russian flag with a birthday cake on his head. It's silly, it's unique, and it's damn cool. 

Frederik Andersen, Anaheim Ducks

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Glow in the dark Lego Duckman. Just perfect. Enough said. 

Feel free to comment your opinions and who you think has the best new design! Thanks for reading

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