NBC Chairman Wants Playoff Beard Ban; So Let's Ignore & Rank the Best Beards of the Finals

In honour of Mark Lazarus (Chairman of NBC Sports) requesting the ban of playoff beards in the NHL and NHLPA, we'll ignore his stupidity and spite him by ranking the best playoff beards of those who made it this far to the finals. The Stanley Cup series currently features some of the manliest, scruffiest, most cave-man like beards and as fans we love the tradition of players not shaving in the playoffs. The practise came about as a superstitious act by players to bring them luck in which they don't shave from the moment the playoffs start, until the moment they're eliminated or win the cup.

Because of Lazarus' ridiculous request, it is our duty as hockey fans, as hockey lovers, and as playoff watchers to recognize the beauty of the playoff beard. This short article features a ranking of just those players who have made it to the finals, as they've had the longest time to grow. 

Honourable Mentions: Patrick Sharp, Victor Hedman, Steven Stamkos, Scott Darling

6) Alex Killorn

Killorn doesn't showcase a full beard, but instead he's rocking the chinstrap with handlebars look. Different style, but still is great. 

5) Braydon Coburn

His neck beard hides his helmets chin strap. Enough said.

4) Duncan Keith

Keith rocks a groomed playoff beard, but that doesn't stop it from looking like a mountain man beard. 

3) Corey Crawford

Does he feel claustrophobic when he puts his mask on?

2) Jonny Oduya

Oduya did cheat a little bit by already growing his beard before the playoffs. But none the less, it's awesome.

1) Jason Garrison

The best playoff beard deserves two pictures to showcase it. The Stanley Cup finals is technically the 4th round of the playoffs, but Garrison looks as if he's grown it for 6 rounds at the least. He even looks like the Jonny Canuck logo of his former team the Vancouver Canucks:

And there you have it. Lazarus may just be the only NHL fan that doesn't like the playoff beard, but who does he think he is requesting to the league to have it banned? It's a sacred tradition in the hockey world, and us fans love it. 

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