Commissioner Gary Bettman Can't Be Happy With Toronto's Contract to Babcock

It was commissioner Gary Bettman who started the salary cap in 2005 in order to make the NHL more equally competitive. Money flush teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs couldn't spend as much money as they wanted on players but instead were limited, just like every other team. The Leafs could spend the same amount on players such as the Coyotes and Panthers, making the competition more even. The salary cap put teams on the same compete level, but the Toronto Maple Leafs have seemed to find a loophole in the salary cap era, and Bettman can't be happy.

There is no cap limit on how much teams can pay for coaches, and the Leafs took advantage of that by giving Mike Babcock (the most sought after coach in hockey) a $50 million contract. Other teams such as the Blues and Sharks who were in the running for him could never match that offer, giving the Leafs an advantage in terms of the financial terms of the contract. Toronto could simply have given Babcock a blank cheque and said "write down how much you want". 

Gary Bettman has always tried to give money losing teams a more competitive advantage, but having no limits on the amount teams can pay coaches or management must not sit well with him at this point. He and the rest of his staff must not be pleased with the fact that other teams fell out of the Babcock race because they couldn't match offers given to him by cash flush teams such as the Leafs or Sabres. Future coaches who are sought after will demand higher salaries such as Babcock's and it will be the big money teams who will have the biggest odds of landing them. Bettman knows that this is what will happen, especially after the Leafs showed what they can do with their cash on Babcock's deal, and one can only imagine how furious he must be.

I'm not complaining as I'm a die hard Leafs fan and finally, after so many years, Leafs nation has some hope and something to be happy about. Bettman won't be sharing the same feelings but c'mon, teams with more money should be able to exploit that advantage somewhere. To conclude, Toronto flexed their financial muscles in the Babcock race and came out victorious. Buffalo came close, and they as well used their abundance of cash to try and land him. Bettman and co. might try and put limits on coaching salaries to give other teams a fair advantage after witnessing todays events, but for now life just seemed to shine a bright light from heaven right on Toronto. 

As a 19 year old Leafs fan, i've never been more happy.

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