Johnny Hockey is Going Johnny Study for the Summer

Calgary Flames forward Johnny Gaudreau has recently stated that he will be returning to Boston College to take summer courses as a communications student. He made the jump from Boston College to the Calgary Flames this year, and after a successful season as a rookie in the NHL where he posted 64 points, he became nominated for the Calder trophy as the leagues best rookie. In an interview with the Calgary Sun, Johnny hockey made it clear about his summer plans:

“Obviously, my mom wanted me to go back to school, but she’s happy for me. She’s going to make me go back and get my degree, for sure.”

He's also excited about seeing his friends and watching them graduate, but there's no doubt that the spotlight will be on him when he arrives. In the interview, he also said that his top goal this summer is to get bigger and add some muscle and weight to his 150 pound frame. Even though that's his goal, his mom sees the summer as a time to finish his schooling (and good for her). Most players at the end of the season fly home, go on vacations, or go golfing in beautiful places; but not Gaudreau. Johnny hockey is going full Johnny study for the summer, and who knows, his degree might pay off later down the road. As a University student myself, I will be using my summer to do absolutely nothing and not worry about the stress of school. But best of luck to Johnny, good call on making his mom happy.