Ranking Every NHL Teams Home Jerseys in 2014-15

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Every fan wears the colours and jerseys of their team to show their pride, but some are more aesthetically pleasing than others.  The littlest thing could make or break a jersey, which is where this ranking of every NHL teams home jersey in 2014-2015 comes in. Original six teams are easy to put at the top because of their classic looks that have rarely changed, but some teams have challenged them with better looking jerseys that are modern. Here are the worst to best jerseys of this past season in the NHL:

30) Nashville Predators

The yellow is alright, but where they go wrong is the white pin striping going everywhere, down from the neck and right through the waist stripes. The collar bone stripes are also not visually pleasing, and there are small yellow lines that each player has going through their numbers on the back (see Forsberg above). 

29) Arizona Coyotes

Maroon is a colour suited for the desert, but having no waist striped in this case gives the home jersey more of a practise jersey look.

28) Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes went with a more simple look this season, getting rid of their black accents. That was a mistake as the jersey looks plain and having no shoulder patches makes it look more so. A simple look is more reserved for the original six teams.

27) Pittsburgh Penguins

The Las Vegas Gold is more of a puke colour. The white and gold under the arm and on the wrist area have no pattern to them; they could tweak that a bit. 

26) Colorado Avalanche

Same thing here as Nashville, the white pin striping needs to go. Colorado has an awesome colour scheme, but just a tweak of the striping and light blue along the rib section of the jersey could go a long way. 

25) Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver has gone through countless jersey and colour changes in its existence. The colours are nice, but adding the "Vancouver" writing above the logo just isn't right. The killer whale bursting out of the ice to make a "C" (for Canucks) is a perfect logo, but having the writing on top makes it less visually appealing.

24) San Jose Sharks

Cool colour but numbers on the front of the jersey just isn't meant for hockey.

23) Calgary Flames

The striping is back along the front, but what makes Calgary have a low ranking is the blue shoulder patch. Having the Albertan Flag is cool and all, but the colours just don't match the flames. The NHL has expressed interest in putting ads on jerseys but the fans hate that idea because they worry company logos will clash with their team colours. Calgary shows this fear as a reality with their blue shoulder patch.

22) Ottawa Senators

Same like Pittsburgh, the white and black colouring under the arm and wrist area are meh. Could use some tweaking.

21) Buffalo Sabres

The pin stipe isn't as bad on this jersey, but as I said before numbers on the front of the jersey just isn't a hockey thing. Buffalo has some classic jerseys they could look at for inspiration.

20) Los Angeles Kings

I was a big fan of their old black and purple jerseys before they switched to these ones. They look nice, but not really bold because of the black, white and silver.

19) Tampa Bay Lightning

Doesn't really stand out but still looks nice.

18) Florida Panthers

The Panthers add a bold look to their jersey with the long shoulder striping and elbow stripes. Looks cool; I would personally like to see them use a darker colour than the dark blue they use (the picture makes it look darker than it actually is). 

17) New Jersey Devils

I don't think the Devils really ever changed their jersey, which is a good thing because it is great. The accents on the shoulders and stripes on the arms and waist are nice as well. 

16) Columbus Blue Jackets

Logo is awesome, colours are great, but the striping could be fixed a bit. Overall good look though.

15) Minnesota Wild

I really like the colours they use, but what's stopping them from moving up is the crest they use. The bear symbol is the logo of the Wild but they made it smaller and put it in a crest. If they just put the wild bear logo alone without the crest it would look awesome, just look at their away jerseys for an example. 

14) Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks changed their jerseys this year and made them much better than last years. The black and orange is a great colour scheme and the logo is awesome. They could tweak the elbow and wrist patterns, as it seems to be a lot going on there in terms of colours. 

13) Philadelphia Flyers

Philly orange will always be a great colour, and the white accents are simple but effective. Its not too plain but just right. 

12) New York Islanders

Any sports team that uses blue and orange can't go wrong. The New York Knicks of the NBA use it as well, and it always provides a stunning jersey.

11) Edmonton Oilers

Here's the blue and orange again, but I like the orange shoulders versus the blue ones on the Islanders.

10) Boston Bruins

Black and yellow go perfectly, and the stripes and shoulder patches go as well. 

9) Montreal Canadiens

Probably one of the most recognizable jerseys in the sport, and for a good reason. 

8) Washington Capitals

Every team that uses striping should look at Washington for inspiration, because they do it right. They have the striping away from the chest area and instead have it going down the arms with white accents beside them. 

7) Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs are one of two teams in the NHL that only use two colours. The jersey is as old as the team and is simple and visually pleasing. 

6) New York Rangers

Classic look, always will be a hockey fan favourite.

5) St. Louis Blues

St. Louis changed their jerseys this year as well, and made them look more modern. They got rid of the pin striping and opted just to have the shoulder, hip, and elbow stripes. Great jersey. 

4) Winnipeg Jets

I'm a fan of the light blue stripe colours and the overall jersey look. The logo is very Canadian (representing the North pretty well) and the air force shoulder patches are a great touch. 

3) Chicago Blackhawks

Classic. Enough said.

2) Dallas Stars

The Stars re-branded last season and produced a great jersey. The green is hard to use in hockey but Dallas nailed this one. The white and black accents look great and the logo as well. Everything fits perfectly. 

1) Detroit Red Wings

This is where simplicity is at its best. Just red and white, and not to many stripes. As I said before simplicity is best suited for the oldest teams. This allows the beautiful wing logo to be more noticeable, as it's one of the best in the league. Truly the best looking jersey out there. 

Thanks for reading