Ranking Every NHL Teams Goal Horn & Song in 2014-15

Every hockey fan knows the drill: the home team scores, the goal horn blasts, and then the goal song gets pumped to keep the atmosphere in the arena alive. Some teams know how to choose goal horns and goal songs better than others, hence the ranking of the worst to the best. 

The criteria looked at is the sound of the goal horn itself, and the goal song chosen. The song should be able to keep the crowd pumped from the time the goal was scored until the drop of the puck at centre ice moments later. The song and horn need to both sound good and fit with each other. 

Really only 3 teams have bad goal horns, so the rankings are heavily weighted on the song played after. Here are the worst and the best goal horns in my opinion in the NHL this season:

**All videos retrived from NHLHornsandSongs on YouTube**

30) Washington Capitals

The whole process sounds like you are going to get run over by an ambulance...

29) St. Louis Blues

This one is funny, because the goal horn is one of the coolest in the league, because it sounds like something that would be in the war horns in Lord of the Rings, but the goal song is absolutely garbage. It makes you feel like you are going to a ball to dance. This one is not a joke, that is actually their goal song...

28) Carolina Hurricanes

I really don't know how to describe the sound of the goal horn, because it is literally just a sound. The song after is pretty sad, as it sounds like one person is saying "Woohoo" over the speakers.

27) Arizona Coyotes 

Horn is decent, but 1) The coyote howling is really annoying and 2) the song is more of a chill song than a upbeat one to go along with the crowd excitement. All 14 fans in attendance don't get to be pumped up with the song. 

26) Nashville Predators

Just like Carolina, their horn is just a noise being blasted. The goal song is country which is a representation of the City of Nashville but it's terrible for hockey. 

25) Dallas Stars

Goal horn sounds fuzzy in the background, and the head banging rock song used after isn't really one for hockey, hence the low rating.

24) Detroit Red Wings

Not exactly the best song to go along with a pumped up crowd because it's kind of soft and chill. Goal horn is decent as well, but it sounds like there's two different ones playing (one lower pitched).

23) Anaheim Ducks

The ambulance is back... but the song is better than those below them in the rankings, but still not a good fit in my opinion.

22) Toronto Maple Leafs

As a Leaf fan, I am ashamed to call this our goal song. The goal horn is decent, nothing special really, but the song after is just bad. So bad. I went to a few Leaf games this year and experienced the lame song personally.

21) Ottawa Senators

The horn is really annoying, but the song is better than those below them in the rankings, but not better than those above. 

20) Colorado Avalanche

The horn is similar to Toronto's, and the goal song is lame. The part in the song where it chants "Hey!" is off as the people chanting are saying it at different times. Just take a listen, this is actually how it's played. 

19) Tampa Bay Lightning

Goal horn is fine, but the goal song is literally the Italian soccer anthem from the 2006 world cup. Wrong sport, sorry Tampa. Take a listen at this:

18) New Jersey Devils

It's not bad, but its not good either. We'll say the horn and song are mediocre.

17) San Jose Sharks

I like the fog horn, and the song is cool but it's kind of soft to be played during excitement. 

16) Edmonton Oilers

The goal horn is unique, but I can't tell if I love the goal song or hate it, so i'm just going to put them in the middle of the pack. The song gets really repetitive fast. 

15) Florida Panthers

We're finally getting into the better half of the league. The Panthers have a cool goal horn and a very awesome song (I'm a sucker for the Dropkick Murphy's) but what's stopping them from moving up is the annoying cat snarl dubbed over the goal song. 

14) Buffalo Sabres

I like the goal horn a lot and the U2 song played after; it's a nice fit. It is also pretty ironic that the goal song is called "Miracle" because the Sabres had one of the lowest goal totals of the NHL...

13) New York Islanders

Horn is awesome and the song is perfect for a rowdy crowd because Islanders fans always chant with it after a goal is scored.

12) Vancouver Canucks

I'll be honest and say that with their goal horn, you either love it or you hate it, and I like it. The Canucks use the same song as buffalo (Miracle by U2) and it is also a fit with their horn. 

11) Philadelphia Flyers

Their goal horn is smooth and the EDM song played after is awesome for a happy and pumped up crowd. Word has it Captain Claude Giroux chose the song.

10) Minnesota Wild

Using the same song as the Islanders, Wild fans always sing along and belt out the "woah oh" part. Great song to keep the atmosphere alive.

9) Los Angeles Kings

I love the goal horn, as it resembles a train horn but much louder and more hockey like. The rock song played after is great to keep everyone pumped up but it's not too much to be a head banging rock song like Dallas has.

8) Pittsburgh Penguins

Like their rivals in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh's horn is smooth and loud. Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation is a classic hockey song that will never fade, and it is awesome to keep everyone pumped up.

7) Boston Bruins

Boston also uses Kernkraft 400 as their goal song, but I like their goal horn better than Pittsburgh's because it is more harsh and in your face to the opposing team when they score. Leaf fans hate the bruins goal horn/song combo because Boston belted it each and every goal they scored when they came back to win in game 7 of their playoff series against the leafs 2 years ago. 

6) Winnipeg Jets

The Jets have a goal horn similar to a train horn (just like L.A.) and the siren is a great touch as well. The song after is just as passionate as the Jets fans. Loud horn, loud music, loud fans; it all fits. 

5) Montreal Canadiens

The Habs have a loud and in your face goal horn like Boston, and their song is unique to the City of Montreal. Having 21,000 fans scream "alle!" along with the song is awesome to watch and creates a rocking atmosphere in the Bell Centre.

4) Calgary Flames

Like many others, Calgary's goal horn is smooth and the Righteous Smoke song by Monster Truck played after is a great fit for the team and the city. The "whoah oh" part (at 0:29) is always belted out by Flames fans as well. 

3) Columbus Blue Jackets

Great horn and great song, as the fans of the Blue Jackets enjoy singing along to it. Best part? The cannon blast right after the horn and before the song.

2) New York Rangers

Unique goal horn that doesn't sound like any other teams', and the goal song is always compensated with the singing crowd, especially at the "Hey! Hey! Hey Hey Hey!" part, take a look (0:32 in the video below):

1) Chicago Blackhawks

One of the best teams in the NHL has the best goal horn and song combination. Their horn is the best sounding in the league, and Chelsea's Dagger is a awesome and different song to celebrate a goal to. It's unique, and is Chicago's goal identity. 

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