Potential 1st Round Playoff Matches We'd Love to See

With the NHL playoffs just around the corner, teams are making their final push for their chance at Lord Stanley. As of today, March 29th, here is what the playoff matches would look liked based on the standings:

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With the playoff picture taking place, here are the potential 1st round match ups that every hockey fan would love to watch:

The Classic: Montreal vs Boston

The biggest rivalry in the NHL, the two teams have hated each other for almost a century. In last years playoffs, both clubs put on a show for the hockey world with one of the best and most entertaining playoff series fans have seen in a while. The bad blood between the clubs is always evident, and even more so when it comes in the playoffs. This match up is only possible if Boston is able to hold onto the last wildcard spot, and if they do expect a thriller first round between the Habs and Bruins.

Calgary vs Vancouver

It is no secret the the Albertans hate British Columbians and vice vera, as their respective hockey teams have had hate between them for decades. This will be a awesome first round series with aggressiveness being shown in every shift and even in the stands between the fans. Last season on January 18th, both teams will be remembered for their famous line brawl in the first second of the game. If this hate translates into the playoffs, expect a entertaining series between these rivals.

Chicago vs St. Louis

Another re-match from last years playoffs, these two are sure to play a full 7 game series as both will try to wear the other down. The hits seem to happen every shift and the players target each other's superstars all game and every game. The series will suck for the players as they are the ones throwing their bodies at one another, but for the fans this series will be much enjoyed. Both clubs have skilled superstars to watch, making the physicality of the series equally matched with skill.

Anaheim vs Winnipeg

No rivalry here, but one could quickly brew based on the style both teams play. The Ducks and Jets both have teams that like to hit and wear opposing teams down. Both have many players with size and that play physical. The physicality in this matchup will surely be one of the highest of all the potential first round series. Other aspects to look at will be the duo of Byfuglien and Myers on Winnipeg's defence versus the offensive powerhouse of Getzlaf and Perry. The hits will happen every shift, with these four listed above as the ones who will be targeted the most, and it will be entertaining to see how each team will respond to each other's actions. A full series of Big Buff and Myers laying down big hits with Winnipeg's loud fans cheering will surely be awesome to watch. 

Others to watch for: Pittsburgh vs NYI, NYR vs Washington

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