Ticket drive proves NHL doesn't belong in Vegas

With the season ticket drive underway in Las Vegas, all eyes have been watching the sales in curiosity to see the interest the NHL brings to the market. The league has been keeping an eye closely on the situation, with the goal of 10,000 season's tickets to be sold. 

With the ticket drive now weeks through, the sales have been just under 7,000. That's simply to much time given for such little return. There is interest, but the supposed "hockey fans" that are in Vegas simply aren't buying the tickets like in previous ticket drives.

When the Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg a couple years ago, the ticket drive conducted sold out the season in a matter of minutes. Minutes. The site that was selling the tickets crashed from all of the traffic. Now, Winnipeg is a strong hockey market, but given that they sold the season out in the amount of time it takes to toast bread, and Vegas is no where near their goal after weeks of trying; is it not clear that the desert isn't a hockey market?

Now i'll give credit where credit is due, and that is that the ownership and the NHL are trying to get the attention of the Vegas market. Just recently, they aired a advertisement during the Superbowl:

There are millions of Americans watching these ads, and they still can't receive enough interest to reach a simple goal of 10,000 season's tickets. It is tempting to enter the Vegas market as it has no other sports teams, but hockey just simply doesn't belong in a gambling city, let alone the desert. 

If the NHL wanted to hold season-ticket drives in Quebec City or Seattle, it is guaranteed to be a huge success, just like Winnipeg's. The NHL needs to see the signs that another desert market won't work, and instead should focus on the other two options in the emerald city and in Quebec. 

Let's bring hockey to some more traditional markets.

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