What Jerseys could NHL teams wear for throwback nights?

The NHL is always looking for new ideas to attract fans and make more money. Examples include the outdoor games, the all-star game hypes, and theme nights. But here is an idea, why don't more NHL teams have a throwback jersey night that represents their origins or past? 

The islanders recently wore their fisherman jersey's for warmup, but I personally think that having a jersey throwback game would be awesome for marketing and fans. The Arizona Coyotes are debuting throwbacks this season, and it might work to bring more people to the games. Last season, the Anaheim ducks wore their purple throwbacks, while the Los Angeles kings have worn their purple and yellow uniforms a couple of times already. 

Fans would also easily buy these cool old school jerseys and teams can show off their past. Maybe teams want to wear a funny looking throwback jersey that they once wore?

 Here's a look at what some teams could wear if they were to have a throwback night:

*note: some teams already have worn throwbacks recently, hence why they are not on the list*

Carolina Hurricanes:

Why not have a game in green?

The Whalers wore a green never seen before in the league, so bringing back Carolina's origins could be a great way to attract more people to the games, since they are second last in attendance this season. 

Toronto Maple Leafs

Like Carolina, Toronto used to wear green. In the Air Canada Centre, many fans wear the St. Pats jerseys to games anyway, so why not make a night out of it?

Winnipeg Jets

Now I do believe Arizona owns the rights to the Jets old school logo (since they used to play in Winnipeg) but it can't be that difficult to acquire it. The Jets could debut their original franchise jersey and who knows, they may want to consider making it their alternate jersey as well.

Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota North Star jersey is my favourite throwback. It's a shame that it's not used, and fans would love to see it return. At Wild games, the team's green alternate jersey floods the stands as it is a fan favourite, why not wear a green old school one for a night?

Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks have already worn their maroon jerseys, but this one brings back a real old school feeling as Vancouver wore the black and yellow for many years.

St. Louis Blues

Yes. Yes they have worn those before. There are other Blues throwback jerseys that could be used, but come on, one night with these would be awesome.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Oh please please please wear these for one game. 

Dallas Stars

I would suggest wearing the North Stars jersey but that belongs to Minnesota. This jersey was worn as their alternates from 03-05 and it looks pretty cool with the cow horns on the front. 

Calgary Flames

This jersey is actually pretty awesome, and the horse logo represents Calgary's culture through the Calgary Stampede. It would be awesome to see the Flames back in black for a night.

Nashville Predators

These are ugly as ugly can be. But one of the few old school jerseys in Nashville's existence so it is considered an older jersey for this franchise.

Boston Bruins

The Bruins have countless old school jerseys, but this one would be awesome to bring back for a game. 

Washington Capitals

The logo is awesome, and this jersey was even worn in black instead of blue. Either or would be an awesome one to wear for a game or two.

Thanks for reading