Ranking Every NHL Starting Goaltender's Mask Design

Every hockey goalie dawns a special design on their mask. My buddy wears the Canadian leaf on his, while other goalies decide to have more personal designs on their mask. This ranking looks at the overall look of the design and the uniqueness for every NHL starting goalie. Some NHL teams have a 1a) and 1b) tandem, so we'll just look at the 1 a) in that situation. 

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30) Ben Scrivens, Edmonton Oilers

The Orange is too light in the Oilers logo on the mask and that blue cage....

29) Jaroslav Halak, New York Islanders

Orange. Cage.

28) Jonas Hiller, Calgary Flames

Alright it's literally just a red helmet with flames written on the side

27) Craig Anderson, Ottawa Senators

The budget Sens seemed to have budgeted on the graphics of Anderson's helmet. It's plain.

26) Jhonas Enroth, Buffalo Sabres

It only has the Sabres logo, nothing special

25) Kari Lehtonen, Dallas Stars

Like Enroth, this mask only really has it's team logo

24) Ben Bishop, Tampa Bay Lightning

You would think that the goalie that plays for a team called the lighting would come up with an awesome mask, but this is not the case

23) Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens

Price has not one, not two, but three Canadiens logos on his helmet. Still plain though

22) Braden Holtby, Washington Capitals

Good colours, but one would think that a cooler mask could be created out of the Nations capital, say one featuring scarier looking eagles or the military. 

21) Darcy Kuemper, Minnesota Wild

Not a very cool mask but it looks nice as the colours are no different than Minnesota's colour scheme

20) Cory Schneider, New Jersey Devils

Looks nice, it's basic, nothing good nothing bad.

19) Antti Niemi, San Jose Sharks

I personally don't know what the logo on the side is but it looks cool and the mask is the same colour as the Sharks teal, so it matches

18) Henrick Lundquist, New York Rangers

The King uses an older logo of the Statue of Liberty that used to be featured in the Rangers uniform, nice touch

17) Sergei Bobrovsky, Columbus Blue Jackets

The Civil War cannon is a nice touch as it is a piece of history of Columbus; however the blue is kinda light compared to the darker uniform. Still looks nice though

16) Jonathon Bernier, Toronto Maple Leafs

Same thing here, the mask is lighter than the uniform but the classic leafs on the side and the lion on top add flare with a classic.

15) Seymon Varlamov, Colorado Avalanche

This mask can be described as "busy" as there's a lot going on. The snow monster looks cool and the avalanche is self described.

14) Onjrej Pavelec, Winnipeg Jets

Best part about the mask is the sharks mouth than many military planes have painted on. It looks awesome

13) Jake Allen, St. Louis Blues

I couldn't decide between Elliot and Allen so I chose Allen for his cooler mask. Looks classy with the colours and musical notes

12) Roberto Luongo, Florida Panthers

Awesome colours and design, perfect for the city of Miami

11) Ryan Miller, Vancouver Canucks

Miller uses the same colour scheme as the jerseys and with a cool wave patter to his mask it makes it look cool. The orca teeth on the top of the cage is a nice touch

10) Marc Andre Fleury, Pittsburgh Penguins

Imagine skating in on Fleury and seeing that staring at you.

9) Jimmy Howard, Detroit Red Wings

The wings on the side are tilted slightly up making it look like they're flying, pretty awesome.

8) Jonathon Quick, Los Angeles Kings

It's basically a Knights helmet, made of steel. 

7)  Frederick Andersson, Anaheim Ducks

Not intimidating in any way but still an awesome design. Lego with an Anaheim flare

6) Corey Crawford, Chicago Blackhawks

I like the black, white and red Blackhawks logo. Everything looks like ash with a red accent.

5) Cam Ward, Carolina Hurricanes

Love the pirate on the side, looks awesome. The steel cage with the mask matching in colour is a great touch

4) Tuuka Rask, Boston Bruins

Playing for the big bad Bruins means you must have a big bad mask. The angry bear on the front definitely catches the other teams eye

3) Pekka Rinne, Nashville Predators

Rinne has two monsters on his helmet, the blue one on the side and the one staring right into the hearts of everyone on the front. Look at those eyes on top of the cage, well done.

2) Steve Mason, Philadelphia Flyers

This is definitely unique as who would have ever thought of zombies to put on a mask. It's different, it's cool and it's bad@ass.

1) Mike Smith, Arizona Coyotes

It was a tough choice for #1 between Smith and Mason, but Smith has the better design as the classic cartoon of Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner from Looney Toons are front and centre. Really cool design to have given the team name.