Ranking all 32 NFL Jerseys

What topic can be more controversial than which NFL team has the best and worst jersey? Here are the rankings (in my humble opinion) of all 32 NFL jerseys.

Criteria used: Color schemes, color accents, and if the jersey fits with the helmet

Feel free to comment your opinions! 

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

The black and teal are ugly, it just doesn't work with their awful helmets, everything clashes

31) Tennesse Titans

Last time I checked blue on blue doesn't work. The dark blue shoulder stripes clash with the light blue.

30) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Never, and I mean never, will orange go well with red. 

29) Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are a great football team, but their jersey could be tweaked a bit. Green and Blue aren't really the best color combo. 

28) Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are alternating between their teal and black jerseys this season, but their teal ones are just too bright. Teal was popular in the 90's, but in todays time it will best serve as an accent color instead of the main one.

27) St. Louis Rams

Maybe when or if they move to Los Angeles they will wear their classic yellow and blue uniforms full time

26) Cincinnati Bengals 

The black on the jersey is calm but then the stripes are the opposite. The helmet needs to be changed and the uniform doesn't work with it. The stripes on the jersey go the opposite way than the stripes on the helmet.

25) Buffalo Bills

Something different could be used instead of the stripes on the Shoulder. Can we bring the red helmets back please?

24) Houston Texans

I don't mind this jersey, it's just once you see how big the red outline is around the collar you can't stop noticing it. 

23) Cleveland Browns

I'm a fan of the brown jerseys with the orange/white shoulder stripes, I just don't feel that it works with the helmets.

22) Atlanta Falcons

Red, black and white always go well with a jersey. This one is nice, but nothing special comes out of it.

21) Green Bay Packers

It's either you love the green and yellow combo or you hate it, that seems to be the consensus. They are unique, but sorry cheese heads, there are better ones.

20) Chicago Bears

I like how they have kept the same look over the years, it is a classic. It is hard to see the main color of the uniform though when the lighting isn't the greatest.

19) Philadelphia Eagles

The jersey and the helmet fit perfectly together, and this form of green is unique to just the Eagles.

18) Arizona Cardinals

Although the helmets are a little plain, I like Arizona's red jerseys better than their black ones. It makes them look like, well you know, a cardinal. Good fit.

17) Mami Dolphins

Like the Eagles, the Dolphins rep a unique color scheme. I like the light blue as the main colour, and the orange accents aren't used too much.

16) Baltimore Ravens 

I like the purple, and I would have ranked them higher but I would have used a different helmet, like maybe purple?

15) Minnesota Vikings

There we go! Purple helmet with a purple uniform. It is different, and no other major sports franchise in North America uses this color scheme. Pretty cool.

14) New York Jets

I'm a fan of the dark green, and the white accents fit perfectly. Lets just ignore how bad of a team they are and lets all agree that their jerseys are nice.

13) New England Patriots

They use the red, white, and blue and are called the Patriots. God bless the U.S.A.

12) New York Giants

Only the numbers are white, and there are no accents, giving the jersey a plain but nice look. Matches the helmet perfectly.

11) Indianapolis Colts

Like the Giants, the Colts use the blue and white, but the white shoulder stripes add a little accent to the jersey, giving it one up on the Giants. I'm a huge fan of the Colts look.

10) Denver Broncos

The only other team that uses orange as their main color of all the other major sports franchises in North America is the Philadelphia Flyers. Its unique to the Broncos and it looks nice with their navy blue helmets.

9) Detroit Lions

The Honolulu blue looks perfect with the silver. 

8) Pittsburgh Steelers

Black and yellow are a perfect color combo, and the accents on the arms add flare. Great overall look.

7) Kansas City Chiefs

I stated before that orange never goes with red, but yellow sure does. The yellow accents on the red jersey are a great combo and it looks bold.

6) Washington Redskins

Again with the red and yellow, it's just one up on the Chiefs. I like the darker red used by the Redskins.

5) San Francisco 49ers

Red and gold just look amazing, and the jersey is a classy look.

4) Oakland Raiders

No accents, no problem. This uniform looks amazing with just the black and silver. 

3) New Orleans Saints

Sorry San Fran, gold looks even better with black. It stands out, and looks bold and awesome. Fits perfectly with the helmet as well.

2) Dallas Cowboys

The numbers are a different font, and it looks great. The dark blue and silver helmet are the classic looks of Dallas, and only one team has a better uniform.

1) San Diego Chargers

I feel a lot of people don't give enough credit for the Chargers navy blue jerseys. The logo on the shoulder patch is perfect on this jersey, and the yellow and blue trim around the numbers are cool. The funny thing is that San Diego's light blue jerseys are even more awesome than these ones.