Ranking NHL Team's 3rd Jerseys

The 3rd jersey is an awesome concept for teams to sometimes stray away from their normal colour schemes and produce a different jersey that the fans love. Most teams make perfect 3rd jerseys, while others make ones that leave you wondering what the heck were they thinking. 

19) Buffalo Sabres

Speaking of "what the heck were they thinking", we look at the atrocity that the Buffalo Sabres wear. The jersey is all over the place, with the colour schemes clashing. The colour on the front is different that the colour on the back. Simply put, it looks like someone threw up and made a jersey out of it. Worst team in the NHL, worst 3rd jerseys as well.

18) New  York Islanders

The islanders used their 2014 stadium series jersey as their new alternate jersey. It is a significant upgrade over the last one, but it just look plain. Nothing special comes out of this jersey.

17) Vancouver Canucks

As I stated before, the alternate jersey allows for teams to make something different, and all Vancouver did was change their logo. It may be a vintage logo, but the jersey just looks too similar to their home ones.

16) Philadelphia Flyers

When the flyers announced they were bringing back a 3rd jersey, many fans were hoping it was going to be similar to the black jerseys they wore a few years back. Instead the flyers brought back their 2012 winter classic jersey. It is a nice jersey; however the fans wanted their black jerseys back but instead received more orange.

15) Tampa Bay Lightning

Unveiled this year, the new uniform brings a modern look to their former 3rd jersey. Once again it looks nice, and the Lightining brought back their black colours, but it doesn't stand out. 

14) San Jose Sharks

Once again a black jersey was created, and it looks sharp. One problem? They put the players numbers on the front of the jersey, something that doesn't look nice in hockey. 

13) Nashville Predators

Smashville used the alternate jersey to use the colour schemes that they used for many years. This time around, they added a more modern look, making it a fan favourite.

12) Carolina Hurricanes

The logo on the front represents the hurricane warning flag, a nice touch. The jersey looks great over all; however they could do without the weird waist pattern.

11) Ottawa Senators

The Sens have had numerous changes to their alternate jerseys over the years. The fans love this jersey, as it brings back some old school stripes across the jersey that some NHL teams had when the league first started out. The "O" is  nice touch as well, as it is a different logo.

10) Boston Bruins

The big bad Bruins have a bad@ss jersey. The shoulder logo on their home/away jerseys is the main logo on the 3rd jersey, and the black and yellow patterns mesh nicely together. Scary looking colour scheme for a scary team.

9) St. Louis Blues

The Blues used a darker blue for these jerseys, and the change is loved by fans. The classic blues logo remains front and centre, and the St. Louis Arc is in the background, adding a piece of the city to the jersey.

8) New York Rangers

The Rangers home jersey is a classic that will never be altered, so they brought a more modern jersey to Broadway with their alternate ones. The darker blue adds change and the "New York" across the chest adds a nice touch.

7) Washington Capitals

Using a throwback logo, Washington created a classic jersey from the teams past. The stars on the front are still representative of the Capital, and the colours fit perfectly together. 

6) Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto brings back a classic jersey and logo from 1967 and earlier. The colours stay the same, as Toronto is one of the very few teams that only use two colours (white and blue). By changing the logo and not the colours, Leaf fans can enjoy a classic Leafs jersey without losing its identity.

5) Colorado Avalanche

This is one of those jerseys that you either love or hate, and I love them. The colours are different from every NHL team, adding a unique identity. The light blue is used on the home jerseys as well, but on their 3rd jerseys it is the main colour. A unique jersey that the fans love.

4) Calgary Flames

Unveiled in the 2013-2014 season, the flames nailed this jersey perfectly. They kept the flaming "C" on the jersey while encorporating a classy font for "Calgary" written across the chest. The black accents on the red jersey were placed perfectly, creating a jersey that you can't stop loving.

3) Minnesota Wild

What isn't there to like about this jersey? The dark green is a colour that only the Wild use, creating their identity. "Minnesota" written in cursive across the chest looks absolutely amazing, and instead of using white accents they decided on more of a cream colour. The jersey is different in general, and if you were to look at the stands of a Wild game, this jersey floods the entire rink with green. The fans just can't get enough.

2) Pittsburgh Penguins

Unveiled this season, the Pens got this jersey perfectly. Its a modern look to a old Penguins jersey, and the black/yellow is a better representation of the organization than their old baby blue jerseys. This jersey instantly received praise when it was revealed, and rightfully so.

 1) Columbus Blue Jackets

Columbus isn't really known for anything, but they sure know how to make a 3rd jersey. They used light blue and cream coloured stripes to accent the dark colour jersey, and it fit perfectly. The logo is of historic significance to the city as well, as the cannon represents the involvement that the City of Columbus and State of Ohio had in the American Civil War. The logo is different, and the colours on the jersey is unique to just Columbus as no other team uses the same setup.