NHL 20 Thoughts

BONUS THOUGHT: Wild's Josh Harding has been placed on waivers. Whaaat!? 

1) I read somewhere that if Alex Ovechkin spent $1,000 a day, he would have enough money to last him over 300 years. Do you think he'll consider paying for my University Education?

2)  Names on the trade block:  Mike Richards (LA), Colin Greening (OTT), Mark Methot (OTT), Antoine Vermette (ARI), Brian Campbell (FLA)

3) More NHL teams will look to the trade market around American Thanksgiving. Teams who are slipping (Columbus i'm looking at you) should be looking to improve at this time

4) Speaking of Columbus they acquired Jordan Leopold from the Blues to add some defensive depth after some injuries. Good move by Columbus, as Leopold is in his last year of his contract, so the Blue Jackets are able to add a veteran defensemen to fill their roster while they aren't making any long term commitments. 

5) The Oilers should just trade for a starting goalie. The goaltending situation is shaky at best, as both Scrivens and Fasth show promise sometimes but then in other games demonstrate their inability to be starting goalies. Options include: James Reimer (TOR), Alex Stalock or Antti Niemi (SJ)

6) I read somewhere that said that the Oilers were in desperate need of defence. What? Really? No seriously this has been a problem too long, and Oilers fans are beyond frustrated having years of high draft picks. Edmonton has some elite forwards, something that could be used as trade bait for a quality defensemen. 

7) Edmonton fans must be angry when they look at their rivals to the south. The Calgary Flames are currently in 3rd place in the almighty Pacific Division, ahead of powerhouses like LA and San Jose. Many ranked the Flames to be contenders in the McDavid sweepstakes, but so far they are proving everyone they belong among the NHL's best.

8) One of Calgary's reasons for their great start include defensemen T.J. Brodie and Mark Giordano. Both are having breakout seasons in terms of point production and their defensive play is perfect. 

9) Giordano for Norris Trophy? If he continues to play the way he has.

10) On the topic of great play, Dustin Brown doesn't fall into that category. Captain of the superpower Los Angeles Kings, he has managed to get a whopping 2 goals and 0 assists in 18 games . 

11) The Florida Panthers have yet to crack 10,000 fans at a home game. But according to Gary Bettman, hockey in south Florida works. All the empty seats prove that right?

12) Jake Gardiner of the Maple Leafs has had some terrible giveaways over the past couple of weeks, and Leafs management is beginning to worry. He's still young, but it seems that these brain meltdowns can't be fixed.

13) Now that the Montreal Canadiens aquired Gonchar from the stars, half of their defence corps are Russian now. Emelin and Markov join Gonchar. 

14) How on earth did the Maple Leafs lose to the Sabres the other day? It wasn't even close too, Buffalo won 6-2. The Sabres are averaging just one goal a game, and yet in typical Maple Leafs fashion they let the last place team score 6.

15) One of the major reasons for the Leafs loss was the play of James Reimer. It would benefit both the Leafs and Reimer if he was traded, both parties need the goaltender to have a change in scenery. 

16) Chants of "Lets Go Raptors" and "Argooooos" could be heard from the stands in Buffalo from all the Leafs fans. Scarves were thrown on the ice as well.

17) I personally went to the Hockey Hall of Fame legends game and ceremony at the Air Canada Centre yesterday. I must say everyone in this years class was well deserving of being inducted; however Dominik Hasek is very difficult to understand when he is talking on the mic. 

18) Connor McDavid broke his hand in a fight the other day. Cue the "end fighting in hockey" talks. 

19) Western Conference teams are getting hit by the mumps. Minnesota and Anaheim are the most affected. Corey Perry has been out since November 3rd. 

20) Carter Ashton, along with his 20 game suspension, has to pay a fine of $169,185 US. How much money do players make again?? Jeeze.