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Maple Leafs App Releases Leafs' New Jerseys

The day before the Leafs' new jerseys were supposed to be unveiled, the Toronto Maple Leafs app provided a video to its users of the Leafs new home and away jerseys. Since the brief release the video was quickly deleted, which most likely means that it was a mistake on the organization's part as they were scheduled to debut their new uniforms on Friday; the day of the draft. 

Here is what I managed to screenshot before the video was deleted. It's a fresh new look to the uniform, with the new logo and different striping pattern.



Ranking Every NHL Teams Goal Horn & Song in 2015-16

Image obtained from the Globe and Mail

Since last years edition of my opinionated rankings of every NHL teams goal horn and song, many organizations have changed their post-goal celebrations. In this years edition, rankings are based on the celebration in general; meaning a review of the combination of the horns and songs. Teams with both an awesome horn and song are ranked higher than those without, simple as that. These are just my opinions, and feel free to comment your own ideas!

*All videos obtained from NHLHornandSongs on YouTube*

Unranked: Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver decided to implement a different style of post-game celebration. Each player gets to choose their own goal song and when they score it's their choice song that's played. The horn is ok, but for the sake of not ranking 23 different goal celebrations from Vancouver alone, i'll just leave this one out this year.

29) Carolina Hurricanes

It sounds like the Hurricanes are playing two goal horns at once, and the post-horn music is super soft for what should be an exciting moment. The voice over still sucks.

28) Washington Capitals

This one you either love or you hate, and it's evident already of what I think. Just like I said in last years rankings it still sounds like you are going to get run over by an ambulance. They switched the goal song by deciding to scrap "rock the red", which I thought was a mistake. 

27) Anaheim Ducks

Ambulance is back, and the goal song just makes it sound like a head banging rock concert. If the sirens weren't played I would have ranked Anaheim higher because of the fog horn, which i'm a big fan of.

26) St. Louis Blues

This one baffles me. The Blues managed to put the BEST sounding goal horn with the WORST goal song. I can't explain it, and yes this is seriously the song they play. The horn sounds like a war horn out of something like the Lord of the Rings. You can't put a badass horn with a classical organ after... hence the reason for the low ranking. 

25) Nashville Predators

The horn is mostly just a blasting sound, and I personally think the goal song could be way better. I get that Nashville is the Music City and the centre of the country universe, but there are many country songs that could be used instead of this one that are more suited for a goal celebration. Maybe "Here Comes the Thunder" by Tim Hicks?

24) Arizona Coyotes

Horn is okay, and the song "Baby i'm howling for you" fits for Arizona; but it's just so boring. Too soft. 

23) Winnipeg Jets

I had the Jets ranked 6th last year... and this season they come out with this. The goal horn was awesome with the train sound mixed with the air raid siren but I just can't explain the song choice.

22) Ottawa  Senators

I think the goal song is pretty decent, but just please make that horn stop. It's cringe worthy.

21) Tampa Bay Lightning

Good sounding goal horn, but the song which I complained about big time in last year's rankings is still here. It's a soccer song, not a hockey one. 

20) New Jersey Devils

Not the best goal horn/song, but not the worst either. That's the only way to put it for Jersey, decent on both aspect. 

19) San Jose Sharks

As I said with Anaheim i'm a fan of the fog horn, and I think the song is decent. Now we're finally starting to get into the good part of the rankings.

18) Florida Panthers

Good sounding horn, and any song by the Dropkick Murphy's is an awesome one, especially "Here we go". The only reason it's not ranked higher is that annoying cat snarl that's played.

17) Dallas Stars

This one grew on me this year. The horn is a loud in the arena and the song is custom to the team.  One thing that's cool is that the number of horn blasts depends on how many goals they've scored. For example, their first goal of the game is one blast, second is two, and so on.

16) Buffalo Sabres

The goal horn isn't the best sounding, but it's just something about DJ Kool's "Let me clear my throat" that is just so funny and awesome at the same time. Sabres fans voted for this song, and I'm a fan of it.

15) Colorado Avalanche

Nice sounding horn with a cool EDM song played after. It's a unique goal song and the change fits well with their 20th anniversary.

14) Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings have used this goal horn for many years, but sometimes the goal song changes. They play different songs for:  a players 1st goal of the season, a players 2nd+ of the season, and individual songs for their leaders Dastyuk and Zetterberg. For the most part it's the '2nd+ of the season' goal song that's used. All in all, good combinations.

13) Philadelphia Flyers

Probably the smoothest goal horn of them all, but I don't like the Rocky theme that's played (yes I know it's the city's heritage). Secrets by Tiesto (played after the Rocky theme) is a solid celebration song. 

12) Edmonton Oilers

Stadium Love by Metric mixed with a loud and in-your-face goal horn is just great. This combo has my approval, as much as I hate this franchise for hoarding 1st overall picks.

11) New York Islanders

Smooth horn, and I've always been a fan of Crowd Chant by Joe Satriani.

10) Minnesota Wild

Same song as the Islanders, just with a better sounding horn, sorry Isles fans.

9) Pittsburgh Penguins

Nice smooth horn just like their rivals in Philly, and with a change to their song this year Pittsburgh still holds a top-10 spot in this ranking. I believe they alternate between Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation and Party Hard by Andrew W.K. this year, and both are great pump up songs.

8) Toronto Maple Leafs

Good sounding horn, but it's oddly the song of "Feeling Good" by The Sheepdogs that makes this celebration. It's different but it fits with a cheering crowd. 

7) Columbus Blue Jackets

Columbus still holds a top-10 spot this year, and their celebration hasn't changed from last season. The cannon shot is no digital sound effect; they actually shoot a cannon right after the goal horn and right before the goal song. All in all, good combination of the horn, cannon, and song.

6) Montreal Canadiens

Every hockey fan would be able to identify Montreal's goal horn, and for a good reason. It's one of the best in the NHL and Loco Locass' "Le but (Allez Montréal)" is a unique song to Montreal's French Heritage. Awesome fit.

5) Calgary Flames

"Righteous Smoke" by Monster Truck represents those western cowboys out in Calgary perfectly. It fits with the team and the city, and is a great pump song after a great sounding horn. 

4) Boston Bruins

I've used the term 'in-your-face goal horn' already, but the Bruins have the biggest one of them all. Kernkraft 400 is perfect for a goal celebration, and all this put together is torture for Leafs fans because of their memory of their game 7 playoff collapse.

3) New York Rangers

The Rangers use a very unique goal horn, and Ray Castoldi's "Slapshot" is always belted out by the crowd at Madison Square Garden. Would be number one if the next two teams hadn't found a way to barely beat them out.

2) Los Angeles Kings

LA in my books have one of the best sounding goal horns (next to St. Louis). The train horn is a great sound, and the pump up rock song afterwards goes well with an always passionate Staples Center. 

1) Chicago Blackhawks

LA may have a cooler goal horn, but nothing can beat Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis. The Hawks themselves have a great sounding horn, but its their song that makes it. Every other team must be envious for not choosing it first. 

And that's it for the 2016 rankings, feel free to comment!

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Toronto's Awesome On Ice Projection Display vs Columbus

When I went to the Leafs game vs the Blue Jackets this past Wednesday (January 13th), the pre-game show featured an on ice projection with many cool effects. This type of show is relatively new to the hockey world, and only a few select teams have this sort of system set up in their arenas. Here's what I caught the other night:

I know it wasn't the best filming, but hey it was still a pretty cool display that many teams in the NHL don't have. Here's another one from the Leafs youtube account which they posted last year:

Considering the Leafs have an abundance of cash this is something that they can afford to spend on... and damn is it ever awesome.